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Medicare can be confusing. Between benefits, networks, drug formularies, copays and deductibles, who's to know the right choice? Cutting through the clutter of commercials, junk mail and endless phone calls is what we do. We'll provide personal, honest advice and help you choose a plan that fits you. No pressure, just valuable information about your options that will allow YOU to make the best decision.

Compare Medicare Plans

Compare Medicare Plans

We do our best to provide useful information when we meet together. However, for those who prefer to do their own research and handle things on their own or for those who like to have more information before we meet, we provide a resource for you to shop, compare and/or enroll all on your own. By using the links below, you can see what plans are available yet still get the benefit of having Kenton or Lisa as your agent – someone on your team to provide personal service whenever you need it!

MY HEALTH PLAN carries MOST but not ALL of the plans that we carry.  If you are interested in a Medicare Supplement or Advantage plan and cannot find it here, please give us a call. It's likely we have it but it's not available on the app.

Don't want to get out or have someone over?&#160; Schedule a virtual or phone appointment today!

Don't want to get out or have someone over?  Schedule a virtual or phone appointment today!

In-person appointments are great but don’t always work in the world in which we live today. Whether you prefer to meet in person or not, we can still provide the information you need. You choose the format that works best for YOU! 

Let's talk on the phone or by Zoom. Just click on the link below.  Please let us know your preference when scheduling your appointment (Phone or Zoom).

Want to meet in person?

Want to meet in person?

You're here, why not go ahead and schedule a meeting with us? We'll come to your house, meet at a restaurant or schedule a time at our WalMart table (Okmulgee). Here's a little secret: we'll go ALMOST anywhere to make sure you have ACCURATE information and the BEST plan for you. Let us know in the notes your preferred place to meet.

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