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Aetna Dental, Vision and Hearing Plan

Aetna Dental, Vision and Hearing Plan

Dental, Vision and Hearing* Insurance coverage can help you and your family smile bigger and brighter, protect healthy vision to see clearer, and hear the world just that much better. This can be valuable coverage for routine expenses, as well as for the unexpected – which can be expensive. Guaranteed acceptance when applying for Dental, Vision and Hearing Insurance; there are no health questions. Benefits are paid directly to you and are in addition to any other health care coverage. You have the freedom to choose your providers or get even better
pricing by going in-network.

*Products and plans vary by state. For complete details of all provisions or benefits, reference the Outline of Coverage.

If you’d like to know more about Dental, Vision and Hearing Insurance, please call for a personal consultation.

Find the Secure Choice Dental Plan that fits you. You'll like the affordable monthly rates and the out-of-pocket costs. Plus, you get plenty of extra benefits such as teeth whitening and bonding, along with:

  • No deductibles
  • Reduced fees on orthodontic procedures
  • No claim forms**
  • Benefits for pre-existing conditions
  • No annual maximum

* With annual payment option
  **  Except for emergency services What is a Secure Choice Dental Plan? This Secure Choice Dental Plan offers benefits through a network of Plan Dentists. When you are enrolled for benefits, you receive treatments from your selected plan dentist, provided at reduced fees, called 'copayments,' which you pay directly to your provider. 
Dentists are selected from our large network of providers. Each family member can choose a different dentist.

We pay network dentists a fixed monthly amount per member, in exchange for services provided at the copayment amounts.

After enrollment, a complete list of procedures with copayment amounts will be mailed to you, but you can see some examples and how they compare to average, undiscounted fees by viewing the plan brochure.

That's it. There are no deductibles, annual maximums, or claim forms to worry about.