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Cassi Borger

Head Cheerleader

Cassi can't do anything for you. If you come to our door, she will bark. And bark. And bark. Other than that her job is to be cute. However, you CAN send her an email and ask her anything you want. She will respond appropriately with...

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Kenton Borger

Lead Educator / Presenter



Kenton loves to educate in one-on-one settings and also present in public forums. Basically he likes to talk a lot. And so do some of you. We'll get along really well. :)

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Lisa Borger

Administrator Extraordinaire



Lisa's an organizational genius (Kenton says so). But she's so much more than that. While she is good at problem solving and organizing, she cares deeply about people. Give her a call. She'll help you with your Medicare and organize...

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