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You are our FIRST priority

Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. We want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and understand your healthcare needs. Long-term relationships that encourage open and honest communication have been the cornerstone of our foundation of success.

You are our FIRST priority
Lisa and I love to help people. That’s why the word “help” is in the name. BorgerMedicareHelp is here to help you navigate the Medicare waters. They don’t invite you to a Medicare class when you turn 65!
In fact, it's just the opposite. The phone calls begin, the junk mail fills your box, and the confusion over what to do mounts! We simply desire to sit down with you (or talk on the phone or do a Zoom meeting or whatever works!) and inform you about all your options, educate you about how it all works and empower you to make the best decision for YOU.
We’ll talk about your doctors, medicine, health, budget, and personality (only what you want to share) and then explain in an easy to understand way your best options. Once that happens we’re part of your team! That means that we’re available to you when you need us. You can call on our cell phones and get the help you need. We won't always have all the answers or the ability to fix the problem but we can troubleshoot and point you in the right direction if we can’t fix it ourselves.
Integrity and honesty are important to us so we promise that we’ll always put your interests first. That’s important when choosing a plan that will affect how you deal with your healthcare.
Don’t forget, we can also help you with life insurance, long-term care insurance, short-term medical, and just about anything you need. So give us a call; we’re looking forward to meeting you.
We've been helping people with their Medicare and insurance needs for over 10 years and would love to have the chance to get to know you.